Coming out as a Bi Wife…

Ladies, I want to thank all of you who shared your stories and commented. YOU power this blog!

The question “How do I ‘come out’ ” has been raised often so I decided to do a post on it.

‘Coming Out’ is different for everyone. In society there are bat mitzvah’s, debutante balls, quinceanera’s & sweet 16’s. In the LGBT world the big day of coming into self is the ‘Coming Out’ day. That dreadful, fearful day you begin the process of telling your loved ones, I’m bisexual. Some people call a huge meeting and tell everyone at once, others throw a party and just make an announcement. Some people gradually tell people individually and watch as the dominoes either stack themselves or fall.

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How you come out all depends on you, your marriage,  your familial situation, your religious beliefs/community/community involvement.

You have to consider how coming out would affect your marriage, your in-laws, your community standing, your career or job, and your lifestyle. Yes, your entire life! Decide what you can afford to lose, what you don’t care if you lose, what/who you will be devastated if you lost and if you are prepared for your life to change, potentially drastically. Imagine friends no longer being your friends, imagine your religious/spiritual leader’s reactions, imagine your in-laws’ reactions. How will your husband be affected by everyone knowing your sexual orientation? What about your kids, if you have any? Lots to think about.

photo credit black and married with kids

Some marriages, situations, families, and communities are more difficult than others to be your bisexual-declared self in.

DO NOT COME OUT IF YOU FEEL YOUR LIFE or PHYSICAL WELL BEING MAY BE IN JEOPARDY!!! Some cultures have a no homosexuality tolerance, you know if this is your culture or not.


It’s best to thoroughly think this process out before embarking on it.

Sometimes using witty comments, being brutally honest, or using humor helps when broaching the subject or coming out to someone.

You best know your situation and how to approach each person you feel needs to know. If not we are here to help you figure that out.

How do you envision ‘Coming Out’ to your family and friends?

Remember, BiWifeLife is powered by YOU. Comment, share your stories, meet other people like YOU right here!

Looking forward to your comments!

-Jay Dee


3 thoughts on “Coming out as a Bi Wife…

  1. I recently came out to my younger brother – my religious, “I go on missionary trips” brother. I broached the subject using “what ifs” – like, “how do you feel about gay people?” “Do you know any gay people?” “What if someone close to you was gay?”

    He took it REALLY well! I was very pleased, surprised and grateful. We don’t talk about it much – like I’m not ready to talk about open relationships (or cheating as he calls it) with him but its a step in the right direction I think. 🙂

    – Sunny, Chief Editor

      1. I agree. Also, it takes knowing someone personally for people to accept them better. “They” no longer but “we”
        -Sonia, chief editor


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