D.I.Y: Yogurt Parfait

Have you ever been to a restaurant and tried a yogurt parfait? My favorite actually comes from McDonald’s. They use strawberry yogurt, soft granola and the price is rather low.

In an effort to stay healthy and fit I’ve stocked the fridge and cabinets yet another month with nothing but healthy options.

Here’s a good idea for a sweet but healthy snack.

Strawberry Yogurt Parfait

Step 1. Use your favorite yogurt. Some sprinkle granola on the bottom of the dish. This recipe began with a few spoons of yogurt bottomed on the serving dish sprinkled atop with trail mix.SAMSUNG

Step 2.  Add another layer of yogurt, a few spoonfuls should do. Now in disclosure most people use granola as a sprinkle for the second layer as well. I use my own varying recipes. 🙂SAMSUNG

Step 3: Sprinkle a handful of granola atop layer of yogurt.

SAMSUNGStep 4: Grab a spoon and enjoy your guilt free, healthy & sweet snack!SAMSUNGHope you enjoy!

Remember, you can always make your Parfait your way. Today this was my way. I may or may not use the same ingredients or method next time but the basics are the same. Healthy layers of yogurt and granola somewhere in there, lol.



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