Computer Crash!!!

Just when I’ve finally figured out what to do with this blog, how to do it and get it just the way I like…

My computer crashes. 😦

Of course we do have a desktop at home but it’s mainly for my husband’s business.

I can’t spend hours researching and writing on his the way I do my own.

So, like all great things, I’ll have to wait for this wonderful idea of mine to come to life.

I hope you bear with me during the transition and the time it may take to get a new computer on my lap.

Anyone in NYC want to donate a computer to BiWifeLife? lol. 

Rest assured I’m not going anywhere and when I do come back we will be new and improved with our makeover.

Be sure to leave your  comments, requests, article topics, like us on FB and G+ while we’re gone. I’ll be checking in as often as possible!

-Jay Dee




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