She walked past me…

as I sat on the A train headed to Manhattan.

The most perfect blend of feminine and masculine rolled into one tight body, perfect facial features, gorgeous hair, firm perfectly sized breasts, a large round ass, and crazy swagg.

She sat across from me as I blushed and lowered my eyes. Just the sight of her made me shy. I wanted to say something but before I could her eyes rested on my wedding band…and I on hers.

The gold band on her right hand told me all I needed to know. She was taken…by another woman. I stood no chance.

I rode the train, semi-holding my breath as I tried to focus on my book, hands trembling and betraying my innermost feelings. I stole glances at her gorgeous face the entire ride. I have no idea what the pages in my book contained as I read. All I could think about was kissing her full brown lips and caressing her perfect Hazelnut skin.

We both got off at 14th Street, the heart of the West Village. She looked back once as I watched her sway away. In the moments I spent in her presence I was acutely aware of something I never knew existed-love at first sight…with a woman.

I’ve seen plenty of stunning beauty in this great city of mine, but none with beauty like hers. It’s been about two weeks and I can still see her in my head, sitting across from me reading her Kindle and swaying away from me down 14th street.

She was completely breathtaking and she stole my heart in a half hour, with not one single word.




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