So, she finally called….

Thick juicy lips, equally thick hips, a firm round ass, perfect breasts, clear skin, almost flat tummy and a personality that drives me batty sometimes she finally called.

We’ve been seeing each other on and off  again for a little bit over a year, she’s my husband and I’s girlfriend. We haven’t spoke in months due to her violating our terms of the relationship and I was seriously considering moving on. She just doesn’t fit us in the way we need her to…but her body is so addictive.

I’ve been searching for someone to spend my time with and give my love to but haven’t found her yet because I am too picky. She is everything I could want physically in a woman but we just don’t click in the way I need to in order to be totally committed and serious.

She calls, apologizes, tells me how much she misses me, and him I automatically accepted the apology in hopes of seeing her again…then the games began. Just that friggin quick. When I ask when will we see her she evades the question. *Red Face-steam blowing out my ears!* The truth is I’ve missed her too but not enough  to forgive her wrongdoings and call her. I know I set myself up for her games…but she’s just so friggin soft and tasty! Sheesh. A girl could only hope for a miracle.

We talked on the phone twice since her first call this past Friday but I ask myself the honest question- Do I really want to deal with her? She can’t be what we want her to be, she can only be herself, if she doesn’t fit us, what’s the point?

The point is she’s everything, I mean everything a woman can ask for in a horizontal position…or even vertical, lol.

She’s so pretty, so soft, so intensely sexual but her personality is polar opposite of what I like in a woman and what my husband and I want in a woman relationship wise. She lives two hours away, is always at work and never has time to visit us to top it off.

She wants me to come see her but she has a house full of kids that don’t know her sexuality and honestly I can’t keep my hands to myself when I’m around Her. She’s just too damn sexy!

She’s complicated for no reason and can’t understand simplicity, which drives us both batty. I resolved in my mind it’s time to move on and seek out a new lover…and then she called apologizing-and I accepted.

She called back today to tell me her sixth sense doesn’t trust me! Sheesh this woman drives me up the walls! I’m open, honest and real and the truth is I want someone a part of my life every day, not just when she feels she may possibly have time for me…or us.

I don’t know whether to get back on this trippy ride with HER or keep looking for MS. RIGHT.

An excerpt from a moment in my BiWifeLife…

-Jay Dee

6 thoughts on “So, she finally called….

  1. I think you walk away. Looks are fleeting, personality is forever. It sounds more like you have a crush on this woman. Find a new crush to pursue. There are so many beautiful, sexy, confident, bisexual woman out there you just need to look harder. Good luck.

    1. I actually did walk away. I haven’t been with another woman since her but I’ve walked away unscathed and unharmed. I just texted her honestly to see if I can see her…hey, we all have needs, lol.
      I’m at my bursting point and she’s the perfect remedy for what I need…
      Hopefully she’ll come without drama if she even responds at all.
      Waiting for her reply. Will update you guys soon!

      -Jay Dee

  2. My thoughts on the subject of a wishy-washy-want-it-on-her-terms kind of gal…avoid at all costs. It will only bring chaos and heart ache. These situations remind us that we can control our desires and we should…at times. Try to remember your time together fondly, use those memories to fuel your fantasy life with your man. Then; like all of us, keep the dream of that perfect companion alive. We can’t give up. We keep looking and hoping.

    1. Thanks for the reply! Sorry for the late response. My computer crashed. 😦
      You know what’s funny…we didn’t meet up. We took a pass on that and I’m glad I did. I’m looking for someone that fits a bit better. I’m dreaming of that perfect companion and I won’t stop hoping for her until she’s in my arms! I am looking & I am hoping!

  3. Sounds like a tough situation. I think back to my dating and wish I didn’t try so hard with people that treated me like that, it never ever seemed to work out. Things are meant to be when they come easier I think. Easier said than done, right? she sounds irresistable. BTW, You are a great writer – you should consider writing fiction with the way you describe things!

    1. Lol, thank you so much for the encouragement. I know I’m very, very late in replying but for some reason I’m not seeing all comments as they come in. I only saw this comment scrolling through my blog. If I had the time to write fiction I would. I am a few chapters into an erotic novel. I haven’t worked on it in months. Maybe this winter. Thanks for reading Emily! 🙂


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