BiWifeLife is Getting a Makeover!!!

So, as I’ve posted before I can’t seem to find something relating to bisexuality to blog about every single day…which is why my content is a bit lacking.

I’ve decided after much pondering (and some neglectfulness of my blog) to add content I love and I’m sure all you other wives will enjoy.

As I stated on the “About” page I’d like to cover a wide range of topics related to being a wife in general, not just a bisexual wife.  I’ve come to the conclusion to add pages with content covering Fashion & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Home Decor and Travel. That may be a lot of pages but I tell you this much, being a wife is a lot of work!

As wives our lives are not selfish, rather just the opposite. We face tough demands to divide our time between ourselves, our spouse, our lover (if we have one), our home and our children (if we have any). Career wives I won’t forget about you. There will always be content for the working wife across all pages. I know all too well the demands of a busy lifestyle.

On a daily basis we have to face maintaining our figures & youthful appearance (or at least strive to age gracefully, lol), keeping ourselves and loved ones healthy, our homes beautiful and finding down time in all the chaos.

I have an absolute passion for fashion and beauty, healthy but tasty food, health and fitness, home decor as well as travel. I’m sure you ladies can agree, no matter what sexuality one may be there’s much more to life than our sexualities.

I plan to add additional pages this week. I sincerely hope you like the new look and enjoy the new content.

Remember to share our link, comment, suggest, share, interact with other readers and visit often.

BiWifeLife is getting a makeover! Ladies, I’m sure you’re going to love our new look! 🙂

Jay Dee



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