Bisexuality Women vs. Men (reblog)


Click the “Bisexuality” link to be transported to a great post.

It’s a wonderfully insightful thought process I think  you guys would enjoy.

The Author’s perception is awesome and I love her free spirited mind.

I hope you guys enjoy the read 🙂

Tell me what your thoughts are. I’d love to hear what you guys have to say.

-Jay Dee


2 thoughts on “Bisexuality Women vs. Men (reblog)

  1. Interesting article – I thought I would comment here instead of there. It is so true there is an unfair double standard that noone really believes a guy is bi. I had a boyfriend in college that was and I really felt connected to him when he told me because we shared that common bond. I actually think 2 guys is a turn on (no really!). I thought that it was interesting that she described being bi as not totally homosexual – although I get the overall point she was trying to make. I consider myself bi as totally homo+straight= a full spectrum of sexuality vs half. For instance, when Im interested in a girl – I dont just ‘half’ fall for her, I’m 100% falling. (o; I know that feeling probably varies among people as I tend to agree that bisexuality falls upon a spectrum. I do believe that without social pressure most people would find themselves heretoflexible.

    1. Hey there Emily, it’s great to hear from you again.
      I too have had bi boyfriends in the past. They were masculine and no one would assume they liked guys as well. I agree two guys is a huge turn on but it has to be 100% safe sex. Unprotected sex of any kind grosses me out. Being bisexual is not being totally homosexual in the slightest. It literally means love of two sexes/genders. We are all half straight, half gay. Bi, meaning two. It is literally like being two people sharing the same body with different tastes, lol. When I fall for either gender I’m falling. I can fall for one of each gender at the same time. Each love is totally different. My husband and I discuss the heteroflexible/pansexual/fluid aspect of sexuality frequently and in our Great City of New York there is a large population of fluid sexualities. Isn’t fluid/pan/flex all the same thing as Bisexual? Just different names 🙂 Hope to see more of you around these parts. Loved your comment! Do you have an article topic, question or discussion you’d like to suggest?

      -Jay Dee


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