Summer Hiatus is OVER

I’m back ladies and gents.

Please visit, comment, suggest, interact. I will be moderating at least 3x’s a week. The summer I shouldn’t have taken the hiatus but it was much needed and well deserved.

This winter I hope to expand BiWifeLife and The BiWives Club by holding ground meetings as well as producing online content of a wide variety.

In all honesty I can’t find that much to write about daily regarding my sexuality or lifestyle as a bisexual wife. I do however see many things to blog about regarding life as a wife, sexuality included.

I will be including articles on health, healthy eating, working out (we’ve gotta stay sexy ladies!), cooking tips, cleaning tips and of course, bisexual topics.

Pass around the link, get your friends, co-workers and whoever else involved you think could benefit from our blog and possibly attend ground meetings.

I really do hope to see this baby grow. I’m back, dedicated and focused.

Check out my last post, a question from a reader answered about Threesomes & Triads, I can honestly say it’s a good read.

I’d like to hear your feedback and hey, if you have an idea for a topic send it. I always answer questions in article format.



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