Healthy Wives, Healthy Families

Healthy Wives, Healthy Families Click here to visit

Now, just because this blog is based on being bisexual doesn’t mean I have to only write about sexual adventures and issues.

We are wives aren’t we? I know in this day and age the housewife is almost extinct, I am one of the last ones left, lol. I’m not a rich or famous housewife, just a housewife. My job is important and the most important part of my job is keeping my family healthy.

Even if you aren’t a housewife I’m sure you want to maintain optimal health and the health of your husband &/or lover.

Here’s a website I absolutely love and I hope you do too! Remember, when cooking healthy for your loved ones not everyone will like what you like. Be creative, mix it up and get those nutrients in there!

-Jay Dee



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