Our Pride Month…


We dedicated Pride month to exploring the bi side of life and the LGBT community here in NYC.

Hubby and I attended a few meetings at http://www.birequest.org/events.php BiRequest Meeting NYC.

We loved the connections made when we did attend, everyone is very friendly and welcoming. There’s many reasons why people come but most of the members have known each other 5, 10, 15 years.

The groups weren’t large, I didn’t see most of the first group I attended at the second meeting but there were other new faces.

I was kind of looking forward to getting to know people and making new steady friends in my age range, with the  this big event Pride Sunday June 30th.

Instead of marching with BiRequest we volunteered with Heritage of Pride.

We were section leaders in the very front of the parade. Talk about being immersed in the culture!

We were thrown right in the thick of the parade and we enjoyed the experience. 🙂

There were things we saw that were strange to some, outrageous to others, an expression of self to those of us who understood.

We waited patiently for the Bisexual Area Network banner to come down our route with the whole gang behind it and all those who’d found out they were marching and joined last minute. 🙂

Here’s what I found:

  • I think bisexuals are under represented and I hope someone leads bisexuals to equal rights one day. That’s totally another article. There are gay/lesbian/transgender rights, not bisexual rights. Can a bisexual person marry a man and a woman? Think on that one…that’s a whole different chapter of equal rights.
  • There is not enough bisexual inclusion LGBT community in NYC (believe it or not).
  • There are less than a handful of elders pioneering the groups and events, that’s huge responsibility for the few in charge. Others getting involved would help move the community forward greatly.

As of now I’m focusing on enjoying the remainder of the summer. Hopefully there will be Bisexual Area Network & BiRequest events to attend. 🙂

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