When I hear love songs…

It’s funny because a lot of love songs are written from men professing their undying love and appreciation for the woman they love. Us as women love these songs (I’m not so big on mushy songs anymore) and usually we change the words from the feminine context to masculine context to sing these songs either in our heads our aloud to the man we love.

Don’t act like you don’t get what I’m saying here…a song comes on, romantic and slow, you picture him in your head, you think of him in every context the singer sings you either sing your heart out when nobody’s looking or sing along in your love filled dream state visions of Him hazy in your head.

Thing is I see Her, just as the singer describes her. Infinitely beautiful, loyal, loving, intelligent, dedicated, sensual, sexual, whatever he’s singing about her that’s so deep and romantic I see “Her” in my head. She dances to the music in her flowing dresses, skin glowing in the sun, her smile capturing me and creating the beautiful music in the background of her hazy glow. I’m mesmerized, hopelessly in love and I’m singing my heart out to Her.


That’s how I know I’m bisexual. I’m hoping she’ll jump out of one of those visions in my head and somehow miraculously stand right in front of me…and smile…even though she can see my wedding ring.


One thought on “When I hear love songs…


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