What am I doing?

So, I had an idea, one that made a lot of sense.

I put it together and here it is. A place for bisexual wives.

Where are they? I don’t know. We’re not hiding, we just aren’t easily seen.

I don’t want to make blogging about bisexuality into a major part of my life. I don’t want to be  some big bisexual literary star. I just want to get women all over the world together to support each other through this difficult life of ours.

I think too much. I’m not the only one. You are here-so am I. Point proven. If we didn’t think deeper I wouldn’t be blogging about it, you wouldn’t be here reading about it.

I never know what to post about. I never know what you guys want to read. I’m new to the blogging world, I’m new to wordpress and the blogger scene.

Bear with me while I cultivate this idea here. It’s not going anywhere, I’ll post regularly. I promise to keep it interesting as I can and post content you guys will enjoy.

I strongly urge your participation, pass around the link, share it with your friends, comment, share your stories, ask questions, connect with other women here.

The issue is I want this to be interactive. I want to read your comments, thoughts, stories and issues. I want you guys to connect. I want to connect with you.

The BiWives Club will have tons of great activities and meetups, stay tuned for membership details.

Thanks for visiting BiWifeLife…more great content on the way!

23 September = Celebrate Bisexuality Day
23 September = Celebrate Bisexuality Day (Photo credit: dnnya17)



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