Craving…(What is a Triad?)

I can taste her on my tongue, smell her in my nose.

I can feel the softness of her beneath my hand and between my lips…

I can feel the weight of her breasts, the fullness of her hips.

What I wish I looked like...

But she’s not here, and my husband leans in to kiss me, stirring me from my thoughts.

She’s nowhere near, I haven’t heard from her in a while, I know it will be while before I see her again. We aren’t in love, we don’t really involve ourselves with each other’s lives, we don’t even really talk on the phone. She is the only woman I feel safe lying with, I know her life, her routine and what male she sleeps with.

Her personality sometimes drives me insane (being totally honest here) but she’s a good woman. She’s a mother first, daughter second and herself when she can be. Usually that’s with me. With us. She’s free to be herself when she comes over, she’s pampered when she’s undressed and lying in her beautiful feminine glory spread before me to devour. She loves it. He loves it. I love it more. She’s in the closet so we could never be serious, I’m too out for her. We could never truly be lovers in every sense, she could never fully join us in a Triad…although she wants to. She has a rooted life she’s willing to uproot to be with us. She wants to be our wife, love us equally as we would equally love her. It’s been over a year and we are comfortable with her, as she is with us.

polyamory rings

Truth is, we care more about her than to crash the backbone of her existence. She talked to us about coming out to her family, having a true relationship with us. Due to her family’s heritage and beliefs it was in her best interest to stay in the closet. Her world might be totally ruined.

But I crave her. I crave her when I can’t have her. I crave for her to be more than what she is and that’s not fair. She has the body of the woman I could love for life, but she’s just not my type…make sense? She’s really not. But she is when she lays down. She’s a perfectly delicious match.

Today because of who I am married to I absolutely love another bisexual woman in my bed, with us. I haven’t always been this way. I used to be a jealous beast! She was mine, he was mine-no touching, watching, interfering! My girlfriend and my boyfriend were always totally separated in my life.

My ex girlfriend decided to join us one day and the feeling of our three bodies dancing, sensually, naked, hot, sweating, passionate was amazing. We spent entire weekends together cooking, snuggling, watching movies, making love over and over again. The three of us. We all got along extremely well.  She came over often. It wasn’t only or always about sex. I loved her, she loved me. He was just getting to know her and he liked her a lot. It would have perfect had she joined our marriage, moved in, became a part of our family. I know how to live in a Triad relationship, I’ve done it before and it was great. My girlfriend didn’t want to become a part of the family, she wanted me to herself despite my marital status, despite our lovely weekends and hot threesomes. She’s now my ex. He and I are married still. We vowed till death do us part.

If only She was like my ex-girlfriend…(unfair again, I know…)

I don’t look for threesomes, I don’t look for Triad situations, I don’t look for anything period.

I just crave her, I hope I meet her and she is what I’ve waited for.

I promise I will be all she needs from me if she loves me as I love her.

If the stars align he will love us equally as I love them equally hoping she loves us equally.
polyamory rings

BiWives…Would you consider a Triad?




3 thoughts on “Craving…(What is a Triad?)

  1. I would so try a triad….ive been playing with the idea for years. The husband supports me and my ventures, we or I havent found or know anyone who supports that life style. I loved your post, it was real.


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