Welcome BiWives, BiCurious Wives & Supporters

Welcome to all who’ve searched and stumbled upon my blog.

Is YOUR situation listed below?

  • You’ve got a spouse and a lover and the drama has begun. You’ve got to find a way to make this work because you love them both and you can’t choose.
  • You were bisexual before you got married but didn’t know how your fiance would take it so you kept it to yourself…and it’s bugging the hell out of you now. 
  • Your partner knew you were bi before you got married and accepted you as you are and you want to find other BiWives to connect with. 
  • Your partner has no clue you’re bisexual and you’ve gotta delete your history when you’re done with this session of googling who you think you may be. 
  • You just found out you were bisexual or you think you’re bisexual. 
  • Someone suggested you might be bisexual. 
  • You find yourself sexually attracted to someone the opposite sex of your spouse.
  • All of a sudden sexy people of both genders turn you on but you’ve always only been attracted to one gender? 
The multitude of reasons why you ended up at this blog would consume an entire blog!
If you didn’t see your situation up there, share it with us below. Say “Hi” and tell us how you ended up here-don’t be shy!
The next person to click on this blog just might be able to identify with you!
Irregardless of how you ended up here:


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5 thoughts on “Welcome BiWives, BiCurious Wives & Supporters

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Megan && I am very new at this, all of it lol I am now 25 & engaged to the most amazing man I have ever laid eyes on. Our love is something of a fairy tail, it is what I have always wanted and longed for in life, he truly is my prince. However I know I am hi sexual now and he is actually the person that helped me figure that out and be okay with it. I was raised in a very religious family. I always looked at girls and was attracted to them even back in middle school when we had to change out in middle school gym class but I always thought I was gross or wrong so I tried my entire life to stuff these feelings down but they never went away. I have never been with a girl I don’t even know where or how to engage in conversation with a female because I feel like they will shut me down and think I’m a freak for being attracted to them. My fiance wants me to be with a woman because he knows it is apart of me that is missing of course he wants to be involved as well and honestly I think that’s only fair. We have talked and he is even open to bringing in another girlfriend if I ever fell in love with a woman. I don’t know what to do or who to turn to besides my fiance. He has spent countless nights reassuring me I’m not a freak or wrong to have these feelings and that I am bi sexual and it is perfectly okay. I would really love to talk to some more bi sexual females to feel not so alone in my head. I guess I just am at the point where I have realized I am bi sexual and I’m ready to do something about it lol

  2. I am a bisexual woman who is engaged with my fiance of 6 yrs. He knows I am bisexual and has no issues so he says. Even though he is constantly causing fights with my girlfriends in a passive aggressive way. I know he does not mean to get jealous and I always assure him, I will not leave him. I still think he just assumes it is sexual and feels hurt when I fall for the woman.
    I get resentful at times cuz I see what he is doing and he says he is supportive. I recently tried again and I have been in 3 different relationships with woman. One was on and off for about ten years. She too was in a relationship with a man so it seemed perfect. She on the other hand could not stand him and it caused the finally break after those years.
    Now that is where he should see that I will not let a woman come between us. I mean that is evident. I have for about 6 months in to it been talking with a woman in a ldr thing. She started it out by telling me her bf was on the same level. When we got involved physically I find out by him it was never okay with him. He was only ok if he could be involved. I was crushed. We had already put in feelings and love and then BOOM!
    She told me it could not work and I was upset and confused but agreed. Then she would just not want to go. It took a couple months before I could convince her that we just could not be. It was too much of a secret and I hated it. We had agreed to be friends but knew we had emotions. I needed a break to clear my head. Then after making it clear to her I was wasting away with this lie and took a break she came back. She was telling me she wanted the sexual side and missed me and loved me. So I agreed even though I know it is not fair to him but I do feel he caused this issue. Him assuming he was a part of us instead of listening to her.
    I am not justifying it but clearing it that she would not want to sneak if he would just stop being so insecure and jealous. I have been shying away and so has she this past week. It was due to the fight in july not recent. I do not understand why she keeps bringing it up when we can not change it. I just want her to know I am here for her but I am confused when we can not really continue to a destination.
    We have not met to have sex but she has been reaching out and I did too I guess cuz I do want it. I love her but I feel this is doomed to cause more heartaches and problems. She is reaching out to me cuz he severed the cord and she is floating around feeling used and betrayed by me. It is twisted non the less. He vetoed me out and she let him and then blames me in some way. I do not want her to feel alone but I am tired of feeling guilty talking to her, and he hates me cuz she loves me. There is no working around him at all. I am trying to break it off but also being here for her through this. It is very sad and upsetting.

    1. I am a married man who once was jealous. I had a relationship that pretty much burned up my Jealous monster. Anyway…It sounds to me as if you need to take a break from dating women. Not that you should stop..just take a break…yeah..easy for me to say. I was once a jealous asshole boyfriend..mostly because the woman I dated had a hard time NOT sleeping around….and she really didn’t try to hide it either. I would suggest talking to her, keeping it sedate until the BF is no longer around. It doesn’t sound like they are going to last much longer. Most relationships like that blow up in the end. Just take a breath..and take it one day at a time.

  3. Thank you! I am so happy to find your blog. I am here because I have struggled with this issue here and there in the past year and a half that I’ve been married to a wonderful, loving and supportive husband. He knew I was bisexual before we got engaged but we didn’t really discuss it till after getting married. On a vacation last year he gave me permission to spend time and hook up with a woman we met. It ended up back-firing even though we didn’t sleep together. The end of our trip erupted into conflict when he saw how absolutely smitten, turned on and nearly obsessed I became (especially because I didn’t sleep with her). Since then our marriage has been good but I still feel have work to do unpacking this part of myself before I can feel completely at peace and devoted as a spouse. I have always had long-term relationships with men since I was young but have been attracted to girls since I was 10. I only ever cheated on my boyfriends with women (but have never cheated on my husband). I was in an everything-but-sexual relationship with a woman before I was married and slept with several women who came onto me and were very attractive, but I’ve never had the chance to truly spend time and be intimate with a woman to whom I was sexually and otherwise fully attracted. That’s the hunger I still feel and struggle with. I am thrilled to have an outlet to express this and to read your words and those of others, detailing their journey with these situations. Thank you, again. 🙂

    1. Hi Cielo7!

      I appreciate your enthusiasm for BiWifeLife. It’s awesome you found us, we’re glad to have you and hope you’ll stick around 😀
      You sound a lot like me. I love women, I can’t let them go. They feel too good. A man feels terrific too, and he’s what you’re supposed to settle down with. But damn ‘she’ looks so tasty, she smells so good. Sheesh…did you hear that laugh, see that smile?
      But I love men, ooh, I could fall in love with ‘him’. Sound familiar?
      As far as guys go, we fell for one, we married one, we now have a life with one, as his wife.
      We did a good job for ourselves.
      Not every woman gets the opportunity, seriously.

      We are among the blessed. 🙂

      Problem is-you didn’t figure out who you were before you became one with someone else!
      “I still feel have work to do unpacking this part of myself before I can feel completely at peace and devoted as a spouse.”

      Honestly sweetie this is something you should have addressed waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before you got married. Now he’s got to go through this journey with you and he didn’t bargain for it. He evidently can’t handle it given how things turned out on vacation, and now it may bring you both pain and drama.
      Although he knew, hubby’s too emotional for an active BiWife. Your marriage doesn’t sound like it will hold up to an added relationship.
      I’ve had those guys, cool with it until I actually do it and then they flip out. They feel threatened, emotional and just can’t deal.
      It’s almost like cheating with a man to them. They get jealous because you feel for her the way he wants you to feel only toward him.
      Can’t blame him, he loves you.
      How do you think he’ll behave if you found a girlfriend tomorrow? He’ll probably feel like he can’t believe you’re doing this to him again.

      On the other hand, you seem to know you pretty darn well. You gave us all a pretty clear picture of you and who you are.
      You love women and you know it. He can’t deal with it and now life is going topsy turvy for you.

      Sooooooo many BiWives are stuck in that same situation. We are in essence being forced to be straight to keep the peace, and in
      some cases our keep marriages.
      You’ve cheated before-so have I and I know what havoc that can wreck.

      I DO NOT PROMOTE CHEATING! It’s adultery and honestly you shouldn’t have gotten married if you still wanted to do you is what I’ve learned.
      Marriage means monogamy unless it’s husband approved. Anything other than is cheating.

      Honey, I know it’s complicated and it can feel horrible but honestly, you’ve come a long way. You know who you are and what you want.
      Question is how will you get it and are you willing to pay the price if you do?

      Have you taken the Kinsey Scale Test?

      Hope to hear back, hope I didn’t say anything to offend.
      I sincerely wish nothing more than for your husband to understand girl love is different, can never threaten what you two have and deal with it with grace.

      May The Universe and Our Creator bless your marriage and heal any rifts!

      -Jay Dee


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