Nigeria: A Campaign to #Bringourgirlsback “Should you Get Involved?”

Nigeria: A Campaign to #Bringourgirlsback · Global Voices

Despite your own personal religious beliefs, despite your geographical background, despite your marital status and community demographics, I URGE ALL PEOPLE of ALL COLORS and ALL RELIGIONS to band together and move for the release of ALL the ENSLAVED NIGERIAN GIRLS immediately.

This is an atrocious crime against human nature. Click to watch DemocracyNOW!’s News video detailing all you need to know concerning this atrocious crime, the war lord who committed it and the political views of African government concerning this crime and WHY YOUR HELP is needed.

This is an atrocious attack on the female gender, the institution of family and community, education and mankind as a whole.

We are naturally entrusted by God with the power to multiply and produce.

No one person has the right to steal, enslave and sell a child.

KONY 2012 proved that we as a planet can band together through social media and online resources.

I’m putting my effort forward now through this article.

I’m urging all WHO HAVE TIES IN :



Put forth an effort in a way that will assist, even in the minutest way, in the release of these girls.

If you have ties in any of the above categories CALL SOMEONE YOU KNOW, WRITE A LETTER, CALL IN A FAVOR DO SOMETHING!!!

If you’re an average Jane or John at home without those ties (like myself), I urge you to “PRESS THIS” article.

Share it on your facebook, twitter, G+, tumblr and all of your social networking sites.

Write a post of your own, share the video, tell a friend, tell your kids, talk to your neighbors about it, make sure your local news is showing the video and covering the story.


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